The Booming City of Singapore

I had the chance to go to Singapore on a business trip to promote Medical Tourism for the Northern Island of Hokkaido. At the same time however I had some time during my trip to view the Marina Bay Sands resort hotel completed several years ago. My last trip to this Southern Island was more than 4 years ago and I was surprised at how drastically the city skyline had changed. The Marina area had become a glistening jewel in this Southern oasis. I also had the chance to take a tour of the hotel and was pleasantly surprised. The way the Marina Bay Sands area is created insures you can stay within the premises and hold a convention, all connected by passageways underground. After the meeting you can enjoy shopping and also gambling, if you are up to the challenge, with the adjacent facilities. With this new attraction many conventions are sure to be attracted to this exciting city and many business opportunities are sure to arise.

Tokyo, E.G.